NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner with Charging Cradle, 400M Long Transmission Distance, 1D Cordless USB Portable Handheld Laser Bar Code Reader for Computer PC POS Warehouse Inventory Supermarket

Long distance wireless connection for adding mobility . Delivers up to 400 meter / 0.25 mile transmission away from base station in barrier-free environment,100 meter/ 328 feet transmission in obstacles environment.
With convenient charging station, providing power whenever you put the scanner on the station.
Two paring mode: One-to-one mode,More-to-one mode. At one-to-one mode,one scanner only transmit barcode to the one usb receiver. AT More-to-one mode,Multiple scanners can transmit barcode to the one usb receiver - ideal in a warehouse where several people are scanning at once.
Two working mode:Instant upload mode / storage mode. Internal offline storage supports up to 100,000 barcodes in offline storage mode. Scan and store barcode when far away from the receiver,and then update the data to your device when you come back entering the wireless transmission range.
2 Interface Mode :In USB-HID Mode, requires no drivers, the scanned barcode will appear at the cursor position. In Virtual COM Mode, requires virtual port driver and serial software. Expected final behavior is that even if the serial software is not the current focus on the computer, the scanned barcode still show up in the window of serial software.
    barcode scanner wireless cordless bar code reader USB with stand cradle 1D 2D QR PDF417

    This is a plug & play wireless image barcode scanner that can read 1D / 2D bar codes on paper and screen.

    3-IN-1 Multi-functional Cradle

    • Used as stand for hands-free operation

    • Offer charging capacity,when not in use place the scanner on the cradle where it remain charging.

    • Communicates to scanner via Radio connectivity and receive data from the scanner.

    barcode scanner wireless cordless bar code reader with cradle stand 1d 2d qr code pdf417 USB

    Long Transmisson Range

    Adopt advanced radio frequency wireless technology, singal penetrates walls, ceilings and floors more effectively. Compared to 2.4GHz wireless scanner, our scanner has the advantage of strong signal and long transmission distance.

    The transmission distance in barrier free environment can reach up to 400 meters / 0.25 mile.

    The transmission distance in obstacles environment is less than 100 meters / 328 feet.

    Actual wireless transmission distance will vary as a result of building materials, physical objects and obstacles. The more obstacles, the shorter the transmission distance.

    barcode scanner imager wireless bar code reader cordless USB 1D 2D QR code pdf417

    1D/ 2D Image Barcode Scanner

    Imaging scanner works by taking pictures and running sophisticated image processing algorithms on each image to decode barcodes. With CMOS sensor, it can read barcodes from nearly every surface type including computer or mobile device screens, and even scan through glass surfaces, plastic shrink wrap.

    If your barcode is 2D barcode or you need to read barcodes off a screen, such as computer monitor, smartphone or tablet, a 2D imager is likely the way to go.

    According to the nature of its camera focus and photographing, imaging scanner is not sensitive to read long 1D bar code.If your main purpose is to scan one-dimensional long barcodes (longer than 10 cm), we suggest you purchase laser scanner. Generally, when reading 1D long barcodes, laser scanner can read barcode more easily than imaging scanner.

    Compatible Barcode Types:

    1D Barcode Code: UPC / EAN (include complement code), Code128, Code93, Code11, Codabar,Code39, Code 39 Full ASCII, Codabar, industrial 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, MSI.

    2D Barcode Code:QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF417, Micro PDF417, Aztec Code.


    1.Suport for reading reverse 1D barcode (white barcode in black background).

    2.Support for reading reverse QR Code, reverse Data Matrix, reverse PDF417.

    3.Reading Reverse Micro PDF417 and reverse Aztec code are not supported.


    barcode scanner


    2 Upload Mode

    Instant Upload Mode: Read barcodes & upload it straight to the file you have opened.

    Storage Mode: All scanned barcode will be stored directly into the bulit-in memory of the scanner. You can upload the data to your device in batches when you need it.

    Save up to 100000 barcodes.

    Suitable for using the scanner far away the wireless signal range.

    2 Pairing Mode

    One Scanner-to-One Cradle: One scanner transmits barcode to one USB cradle. Several units can work independently with different computers in the same area. They won't interface with each other during work.

    Max.32 Scanner-to-One Cradle: Multiple scanners transmit barcode to one USB cradle One usb cradle can connect to max. 32 scanners. Ideal in warehourse when several people are scanning barcode to one computer.

    3 Trigger Mode

    Manual Trigger Mode: read barcode only when pull the trigger.

    Continuous Scan Mode: read barcode at a certain frequency. Scanning barcode without pressing any button.

    Auto-induction mode: Once the barcode is detected, the scanning light will turn on automatically to read the barcode.


    barcode scanner

    barcode scanner bar code reader wireless cordless qr pdf417 data matrix 2d 1d  imager image scan

    Recharge At Any Time.

    The cradle offers charging capacity,when not in use place the scanner on the cradle where it remain charging.

    Long-Lasting 2200mAh Battery.

    Using a 2200mAh rechargeable battery, the scanner has a 25 hours of continuous scanning. It can work about two weeks in daily used after full charge. It takes 3 to 4 hours to full charge the scanner.

    Compatible Operating System:

    Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, Linux.

    Work with Word, Excel, Novell, Quickbook, InFlow etc.


    1. Only work on device that has USB port, not for iPad, tablet, smart phone .

    2. Not compatible with Bluetooth function.

    3. Not completely compatible with Square, as Square has its own custom scanner to prevent user to use barcode scaner of other brand in Square system. Our Barcode scaner can scan item barcode into search box and it will automatically search the item, but you have to manually click searched item to add it to the bill.

    Over 300 Configuration Options:

    • Add prefixes/ suffixes, delete character.

    • Add keyboard keys (TAB, CR&LF, etc.) to the scanning operation.

    • Enable or disable barcode type

    • Turn on/ off buzzer.

    • Change all upper case / all lower case

    • Virtual serial port is supported.