NADAMOO Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit 500g / 17 oz,No Tools Included, DIY Bathtub Sink Repair Kit, For Porcelain Enamel Acrylic Fiberglass, Semi-matte White Bright Coat

Included: compound emulsion 500g(part A), Hardener 20g (part B), user manual.
Refinish the bathtub by yourself.Do DIY repairs in a few simple steps: All you need is mix compound part A and Part B together, pour the mixture on the top edge of the bathtub and let it self leveling. (Recommend to use brush & roller when refinishing wall or countertop. )
Use to refinish porcelain ceramic surface like tub, tile, shower, vanities, sink. Also work on fiberglass, stone, plastic. Perfect for renters, apartment dwellers, and residential or commercial tubs, sinks, showers.
Once dry, the surface is semimatte.
Cured in 24 hours, you will even be able to use your tub the next day. Allow to dry for at least 7 days before taking a hot bath.
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    Package ListGloves X1, Brush X1, Roller X1, pre-taped masking film X1, masking tape X1,Sandpapers X 3, Compound emulsion 1kg X1, Hardener 20g X1, user manual X1.Gloves X1, Brush X1, Roller X1, pre-taped masking film X1, masking tape X1,Sandpapers X 3, Compound emulsion 1kg X3, Hardener 20g X3, user manual X1.Compound part A (50g/1.7oz)+ Compound part B (50g/1.7oz) + Glove x 2 + Sandpaper x 2 + Spatula x 2 + Transprent masking tape x 3.2 X 450 ml Spray Paint28.2 oz / 800g Waterborne Clear Topcoat,5.6oz /160g waterborne hardenerBlack grout pen x 2,Tip Replacement x 2, Bursh x 1